1 on 1 and Group Garden Coaching


Want to grow food but don't know where to start, require design expertise or have questions about why your carrots won't germinate or why your zucchini makes only flowers, and no fruit? With our 1 on 1 Garden Coaching, we come to your home and coach you in your garden, providing education that is tailored to you and your garden's specific needs! For some, we coach through-out the season, and for others, a few visits is enough. We empower you with the knowledge and skills for bountiful harvests. 

“Sam is so knowledgeable, she has this natural expertise about everything in our garden, not just the vegetables.” - Kits Gardener

The specifics: 

- The minimum duration of the FIRST session is 1.5 hours, however subsequent sessions may be 1 hour.

- An additional $10/hr will be charged for sessions booked on or after 4:30pm on weekdays, or on weekends. We thank you for understanding - if you are unsure of our availability upon purchase, we can levy the surcharge need be following the appointment.

- All services listed are priced for Vancouver residents only, for any customers outside of Vancouver, please email us at shop@victorygardensvancouver.ca for costing details in your area. 

Coaching Education Services

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