Backyard Bounty Book by Linda Gilkeson


Consider Backyard Bounty your new favorite book on growing food! It is a complete guide to year-round food growing on the West Coast. Includes info on soil preparation, sowing seeds and transplanting, and maximizing your harvest with greenhouses, tunnels, organic pest management, and more. There's even a bit on fruit tree pruning. What more could you ask for? 

About the author: Linda Gilkeson is a gardening guru. Based on Saltspring Island, her books give integral and practical food growing advice for gardeners in the Pacific Northwest. With a Ph.D in Entomology and over 40 years of experience, she knows her stuff. Not to mention, she mirrors our values in organic practices and sustainability. 


The Specifics:

- Published by New Society Publishers

- Printed in Canada, second printing 2011

- Black and white text and photos

- 293 pages


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