Custom Garden Map and Planting Guide


One of our best selling services, our Custom Garden Map and Planting Guide is the educational tool which tells you what to do, when to do it and how to do it! This DIY guide, created by the Growing Experts at Victory Gardens, keeps you on track on a week to week basis throughout the growing season providing you with your gardening "to dos" for the week, based on what you want to eat and what will grow in your garden. 

The Specifics of How To Purchase:

This service includes gathering info about your garden, to assess the site characteristics, determine what will grow best, and finally determine what you want to eat. From there, we develop an electronic Custom Garden Map and Planting Guide, tailored to your specific vision. 

Our custom Garden Maps and Planting Guides come in 3 sizes based on your garden's square footage. Not sure what the square footage of your garden space is? Follow the steps below. 

1) Measure the length of your growing space

2) Measure the width of your growing space

3) Times the length by the width of your growing space 

4) If you have multiple growing spaces, follow steps 1 thru 3 for each,  then add them all together 

5) Select the appropriate square footage that your garden falls under from the item drop down menu

Have a patio garden? Never fear, we offer Custom Garden Maps specific to your Patio Gardens. 

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