Fruit and Flower Power 4-10-4


This organically derived, granular fertilizer aids in the development of fruit and flower production. Perfect for flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash. Comprised of sustainably harvested fish/bone meal, cottonseed and canola meal,  rock phosphate, langbeinite, kelp meal, greensand and ground limestone. Add a scoopful to your transplant hole, or scratch into the soil's surface mid-season when it's time for your tomatoes to start doing their thing. Made locally on Texada Island.

The Specifics: 

- Available in a 2 kg bag

- Does not expire.

- Application rate: 2-5 kg per 10 sq. meters. Dust onto soil surface and cultivate into first several inches. For transplanting, mix a scoopful into the transplant hole before transplanting. 

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