Initial Garden Consultation


We help you grow food! During our consultations, we chat about how.

During a consultation we talk about what kind of space you need to grow food (boxes, raised beds), what educational services or interests would ensure the greatest success, assess the garden's conditions (light, soil) and most importantly, we discuss what you'd like to grow!

This service is the gateway to your future garden and all the positive benefits that come with it. We have the knowledge and skills to build you the veggie oasis of your dreams on your patio, in your front or back yard, rooftop, or anywhere else you want to growing food. Transforming your underutilized space into a valuable food producing mecca will bring you one step closer to a 0.00001mile diet. 

“We had a patch of land that looked like a mud pit. We wanted to transform the backyard and Victory Gardens seemed like the right solution.” - Commercial Drive Gardner

The specifics

- All services are priced for Vancouver residents only, for any customers outside of please email us at for costing details in your area.

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