Soil Test


Healthy soil = Healthy plants. Don't guess, soil test! But of the key secrets to growing awesome veggies is nutrient-rich, well-balanced, organic, soil. Knowing what is happening in YOUR soil is valuable information.

Not sure if your soil has what it takes to produce a healthy harvest? A soil test can help. Not sure which of the soil tests you need? It never hurts to test both the soil and nutrient levels, but if you want to opt for the basic test, our resident soil scientist, Emma, will determine if this is enough, or if your soil requires more investigation. 

The basic SOIL TEST package provides an on-site assessment of the major soil properties including pH, structure, texture, drainage, electrical conductivity, nutrient holding capability, and organic matter, as well as foliar analysis and assessment of other factors affecting plant growth. This information will be summarized in a report that includes sustainable soil management recommendations based on the site specific properties.

The advanced SOIL TEST AND NUTRIENT ANALYSIS package includes everything offered in the basic soil test (as listed above) as well as nutrient testing for N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Cu, Zn, B, Fe, and Mn and sustainable management recommendations based on the results of the nutrient test.

All services are priced for Vancouver residents only, for any customers outside of Vancouver, please email us at for costing details in your area.


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